The National Weather Service Partner Event

I had the pleasure of speaking at the National Weather Service Partner event held at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 5th, 2014. I represented AppNexus along with Jason Bier, Chief Privacy Officer of Conversant in an effort to increase awareness of FIA’s mission in helping send life-saving alerts in times of severe weather.

The conference brought together some of the industry’s brightest and most talented minds across weather technology and big data. Jason and I were second in the line-up to discuss FIA’s mission and how partners such as AppNexus have embraced the initiative.

To give context into how AppNexus fits in, AppNexus is the world’s largest independent advertising technology company. As the industry’s leading provider of digital advertising trading solutions, AppNexus allows companies to buy and sell Internet advertising efficiently, effectively, and programmatically. The AppNexus platform delivers close to 30 billion ads every single day, meaning it has the ability to reach every single person in the world, 3 times over! Now, imagine if this technology could be leveraged by FIA to send life-saving alerts in a targeted, timely, and impactful way to Internet users around the globe. This vision for a better Internet – fueled by better advertising – is exactly what AppNexus and FIA are partnering to achieve.

I’m very proud to work at AppNexus, a company that has taken a leadership position in an organization like FIA. I was honored to represent AppNexus as a partner of FIA and extremely excited to see technology being used in an innovative and impactful way.


Contributed by Anella Bokhari, Business Development, AppNexus, Inc.