Building a United Industry to Protect the Public | Meeting with Media Leadership Council

Display advertising isn’t just about trying to drive sales for an advertiser; it’s about communicating a message.

Federation of Internet Alerts (FIA) relays display alerts for serious events such as child abductions, the imminent threat of tornadoes or tsunamis, and other hazards. FIA relies on our partnerships with organizations to help allocate display impressions for urgent messages in impacted areas.

On March 4th a representative from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Child’s (NCMEC) along with fellow FIA colleagues and I attended a Media Leadership Council (MLC) meeting in New York City to spread the word of FIA, and gain support from the industry. MLC is comprised of top media agencies whose primary responsibility is to review and assess major media and communication issues, and drive positive change throughout the display advertising industry—this was the perfect audience to introduce FIA’s initiatives.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. MLC members were in support of uniting our industry with FIA and the discussion was full of heartwarming questions and comments.

We urged MLC members to reach out to their Ad Network and Exchange contacts to attend our FIA forum at NCMEC headquarters to discuss FIA’s critical importance, our success, and how we can continue to unite as an industry to protect the public.

When the goal is to distribute life saving information, the decision is clear: Together we have started a movement. Help us unite further—reach out today and learn how you can help spread awareness and protect the public.

Contributed by Lauren Giuliani, Account Development Manager at Conversant Media