xAd + FIA: Real-Time Accuracy When It Matters Most

You know the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t find something important. Maybe it’s your house keys or your wedding band or your cellphone. Whatever it is that’s missing, it sets you off down a trail of questions. “Where is it?” “What was I last doing?” “Where would I have put it?” Until you find what you’re missing –you’re tormented. Now try to imagine what that feeling of torment and panic would be like if it wasn’t an object missing – it was your child. In this type of situation, nothing matters more than finding your child, and now the latest in mobile technology can help you do just that.

When a child goes missing, the most important time to find them is within the first 48 hours. From then on, the odds are against you. Given this short window for successful recovery, the ability to reach those around the abduction site and local community are crucial. We know that speed and accuracy matters in a recovery situation like this and xAd can help: in less than half the time it takes to blink an eye (80 milliseconds), xAd can provide tailored messages to audiences in a distinct local area within an accuracy of up to 50m.

AMBER Alerts have used geographically targeted information to reach people through the radio, TV, road signs, and online. However, abductions often take place when the child is out of the home. As a result, these media have limited ability to reach individuals who are nearby the abduction site. xAd can reach individuals on their mobile devices, differentiating whether someone was at the location of interest, designated area during the incident or within the search vicinity perimeter. xAd enables AMBER alerts to provide the most accurate messages to people who can help recover a child during the time that matters most.

The AMBER Alerts (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) system was created in 1996 in Texas, and became a national effort in 2002.

As consumers’ behavior shifted, AMBER alerts expanded to online advertising, thanks in part to Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA). Since launching in May 2011, FIA, in partnership with NCMEC, has delivered almost 400 million dynamic AMBER Alert impressions, served to millions of people in the designated areas.

As members of FIA, xAd will leverage its location technology platform to reach two-thirds of the smartphone users in the U.S. monthly, through 30,000+ apps and across up to 300 billion available impressions. With the scale of mobile device penetration and precision of location data, xAd enables AMBER Alerts to automatically reach people in the targeted areas.

On behalf of xAd, we’re proud to be a partner of FIA and NCMEC to help prevent and recover abducted children – doing important work for years to come.

Contributed by Monica Ho, Head of Marketing Infrastructure at xAd