Amber Alerts: Creating a Better Internet Through Social Responsibility

As the CEO of the world’s largest independent ad tech company whose mission is to create a better Internet, I am constantly looking for opportunities to leverage our voice, our dollars, and our technology for social good. I am inspired by how often I see people take to the Internet to rally around valuable causes, whether raising awareness, funding research, or celebrating the accomplishments of others. Today, AppNexus takes part in an incredibly important initiative to help protect one of our most precious and most vulnerable groups: our children.

Many of you know that since AMBER Alerts were first instituted in 1996, they have been broadcast nationwide to inform the public and law enforcement about missing or abducted children. Deployed via radio, billboards, TV stations, and SMS, AMBER Alerts have resulted in the rescue of more than 650 children. Recently, in an effort to capitalize on the Internet’s reach and scope, AMBER Alerts have been broadcast across new channels, including Facebook.

The Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA) recently announced that AOL, AppNexus, Rocket Fuel and xAd have joined its roster of partners. This expanded coalition will significantly extend the reach and global impact of the network, which now serves more than 30 billion real time messages each day worldwide, not only for AMBER Alerts but also for other regional emergencies including severe weather events. FIA has brought more than 500 million dynamic AMBER Alert impressions to more than 100 million devices during 686 abductions, driving record traffic to AMBER Alert posters on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website that can be shared or printed to assist in locating the child.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our children, and AppNexus is committed to leveraging our technology to help protect them. It is FIA’s mission, and now ours, to “make every second count” with these real time alerts. We are grateful to FIA for the important work it does, and are proud to partner with them on our journey to create a better Internet.

Contributed by Brian O’Kelley, CEO at AppNexus