FIA Free Alert Hub

We are pleased to announce the official launch of FIA’s Alert Hub, a free cloud service that provides robust scalability, availability, performance and reliability to the alerting community. The FIA Free Alert Hub (Hub) supports the pulling and immediate pushing of alerts from the Hub to those who are in need of critical and life-saving information.

Why did FIA develop this Hub? Accessing alerts quickly and easily was a challenge due to the lack of standard formats, closed alert networks, and decentralized access to CAP on the Internet. Realizing the power of the Internet and innovations in ad technology, we designed this completely open and free Hub that utilizes the newest form of standardized alerting schema: CAP.

While this service doesn’t replace existing alerting systems or technology, the goal is to accelerate the evolution of CAP. We expect the Hub to spur innovations that will help the Internet of Things (“IoT”) to utilize alerting for serious and imminent threats. The Hub was designed to encourage local ideas and community solutions across societies around the world. Finally, in an effort to help predictive analytics in natural disasters, we’ll store all CAP alerts in the cloud for fundamental research purposes at no cost.

The Hub will provide equal access to everyone. And as we continue to garner support from local alerting authorities and other organizations that are in a position to help, we’d like to thank our existing alerting authorities and partners for their ongoing support. We look forward to a future where the Hub can play a small role in leveraging the Internet’s strength and agility to help save lives and protect property – all around the globe.

Contributed by Jason Bier, Chief Privacy Officer at Conversant and Lead Representative of the Federation for Internet Alerts

A Record 100M+ Life-Saving AMBER Alert Impressions in July & August, Using Conversant’s Technology

Through FIA’s efforts, and with the help of Conversant’s technology, people are engaging at record levels to help find children in grave danger.

In July and August, more than 100 million FIA Partner dynamic AMBER Alert messages were served to 27.8 million devices. This record number resulted in 163,970 people downloading AMBER Alert posters concerning a child abduction in their area.

In AMBER Alert’s early beginnings in the late 1990s, its system worked well enough, announcing abduction details in local areas via radio and television broadcasts. But as people spent more time on their computers, phones and tablets, there was a huge opportunity to reach far more people, faster, online.

In 2011, FIA Partners started sending life-saving alerts to the devices of people in target areas with the help of Conversant (now part of Epsilon), one of FIA’s founders. The partnership makes perfect sense: With our powerful platform, we’re able to identify and reach 145 million verified people, nationwide, with an accuracy rate of 95%. FIA has the life-saving information; we have the audience that can be reached in real time.

When law enforcement requests an all-media call to action, the massive system goes into effect automatically. It triggers a chain reaction across ad platforms, as Conversant notifies other FIA Partners electronically within milliseconds.

And FIA continues to expand its partners and the types of all-hazard, all-media threats this technology can respond to globally.

In July and August, our partnership broke records, becoming the largest delivery months on record:

  • 100M+ AMBER Alert dynamic messages were served by FIA and its partners.
  • 27.8M unique devices received AMBER Alerts.
  • 163,970 AMBER Alert posters were downloaded by people who clicked on alerts.

Our continued partnership—which earned a Webby Award in April—will bring more life-saving alerts into the hands of the people who need them the most, precisely when they need them.

Contributed by Raju Malhotra, SVP Product Management, Conversant