Citizen AOL Partners With FIA for Distributing Critical Alerts Across AOL


Making a difference is in our DNA.

AOL plays a powerful role in bringing communities together, raising awareness & educating individuals through our content, distribution and platforms. AOL is the only major publisher to donate space on our homepage every day to organizations that are changing lives, improving outcomes and helping people around the world reach their potential.

As part of AOL’s commitment to addressing the world’s biggest challenges, we are proud to partner with the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA) whose sole mission is to distribute life-saving information in real time. This partnership is a part of AOL’s emergency action effort, CARES (Citizen AOL Responds to Emergency Situations).

As part of this partnership, AOL is reserving premium inventory across our platform to support FIA and push out their amber alerts across desktop, mobile and video. For such an important and sensitive campaign, FIA not only needed a high quality set of inventory with an engaged audience to trust its brand with, but a technology partner guaranteed to maintain that controlled, brand safe- and viewable- environment. We created a private marketplace with Conversant using AOL’s MARKETPLACE by ADTECH, giving access to AOL’s most premium inventory, in recognition of our devotion to this cause. Last quarter alone, over 6 million impressions were served on behalf of FIA.

To date, AOL has donated more than 75 billion impressions valuing over $143 million to over 500 nonprofits that our teams, advertisers and consumers care about. We will continue to do what we can through our pro bono Public Service Announcement (PSA) program, which FIA is leveraging to send out critical and life-saving amber alerts.

For more information on AOL’s citizenship efforts, follow us on Twitter at @AOLCSR.

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