FIA Presents at the Mobile Marketing Association Summit

On September 28th, FIA participated in the 2015 Mobile Marketing Association SM2 Innovation Summit in New York. Held annually, the MMA summit brings together mobile marketers to discuss the latest trends and accomplishments within the industry. Presenting alongside one of our mobile partners, xAd, and a representative from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, FIA was showcased in front of a packed audience. Our session was a fantastic opportunity to show the incredible power of our technology and its use for social good.

Before we took the stage, Carly Rae Jepsen did a quick 15-minute set, including her hit song Call Me Maybe. This was a great opening act to our presentation titled The Power of Place When It Matters Most. With the crowded amped from Jepsen’s performance, Monica Ho, Director of Marketing & Infrastructure at xAd, took the stage and began by talking about the developments and changes that have occurred in mobile technology. Some of these statistics have seen astronomical growth in the past few years – for example, today the average person checks their phone 221x each day, about once every 4.3 minutes! Monica’s discussion about the growth of mobile marketing was a great foundation for the rest of the presentation.

After learning about the mobile industry’s developments, Bob Hoever, Director at NCMEC, spoke about the history of the AMBER Alert program. For many in the room, this was their first time hearing about how this program began. They were impressed to see the advances in alerting procedures as tech innovations became more mainstream. Bob ended his presentation by discussing many of the procedures in place today, including the work that FIA is doing within the emergency alerting space.

At this point, I was able to give the history of the FIA program, including the background of our partnership with NCMEC and the National Weather Service, as well as provide some enlightening statistics about the growth of our program since its inception. Attendees were particularly interested in the technology, including the alerting methods that we have in place as well as the innovations of the FIA Push Hub and the FIA Global Alert Hub.

With so many technology trailblazers in the room, we thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm solutions to a new problem. Bob shared his experiences with alerts for individuals with autism – as these do not qualify as AMBER Alerts, there is a different emergency alerting protocol. Children with autism are prone to wander, and many of these lost children are drawn to bodies of water and drown. We broke the session into different groups to discuss other alerting procedures and were impressed with the variety of different ideas. From wearable tracking devices to alerting apps to beacons, each group presented a plethora of interesting and new ideas to be considered when moving forward.

Participating at this year’s Mobile Marketing Association summit was a fantastic experience for FIA. We were thrilled to be able to share our story and participate in the next chapters of emergency alerting discussions. We are very much looking forward to another collaborative session between xAd and NCMEC in the future!

Contributed by Jacob Goldstein, Associate Director, FIA.