FIA and GroundTruth believe in Location for Good

When we unlock data, great things begin to happen. Businesses better understand their consumers, consumers get marketing communications that are relevant to them, and vital alerts get delivered to the right person, in the right location, at the right time.

GroundTruth (formerly xAd), believes that data can be used to power decisions beyond media and across various industries – including finance, retail, real estate, non-profits, and more.

That’s why, in 2015, GroundTruth started Location for Good. The guiding principle behind this campaign is to use the same location-driven technologies and strategies they use every day to improve the safety and welfare of our communities. Shortly after the devastating impact of Nepal earthquake in April 2015, GroundTruth announced that they would partner with FIA to bring hyper-local information to real-time emergency communications. GroundTruth’s goal: to use their location technology to help FIA quickly reach people in a targeted area with details of an abduction.

“Since founding the program, Location for Good and our work with FIA has become a passion project for myself and my team,” said Monica Ho, CMO, GroundTruth. “We’re extremely proud to be the only location service provider trusted by FIA and to date, we’ve helped FIA achieve a 98% abduction to recovery rate, leading to oer 800 successful recoveries.”

GroundTruth also sees the ability to decouple their data from media as a great opportunity for its partners. Their platform allows them to observe how devices interact with the real world and their visitation data enables them to pass those insights onto others, so partners can make more informed business decisions, whether it be for messaging and campaigns or forecasting and planning.

“As we look ahead at GroundTruth, everything we do will be based on driving performance via a scalable platform that leverages location as the main source of intent,” added Ho. “We’re constantly trying to evolve to make location simple and effective for our partners.”

As the mobile space begins to take center stage, and location data gains momentum, there will be many opportunities to continue to shape and grow the category and make a long-lasting impact.

You can learn more about GroundTruth here.


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