FIA Reaches the DAA Summit

When it comes to data and consumer privacy, a growing number of industry challenges are impacting advertisers. FIA, however, continues to shine bright in the sector.

FIA President Jason Bier touched on this at the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Summit in Sonoma, California, on June 12. It was a fitting location for the summit, as FIA delivered more than 25 million alerts for the Tubbs Fire, which ravaged the area in 2017.

“People at the summit were amazed by what we can do,” Bier said. “The fire warnings served during the Tubbs Fire were shown to all and really highlight adtech’s capabilities.”

The DAA provides significant rights to consumers while still allowing for innovation, and FIA adds another layer of importance because it showcases the commercial use of data as a vital life-saving initiative for countries across the world.

“We utilize the same communications infrastructure to save lives by alerting the public in real time to life-critical emergencies like firestorm warnings in California, hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and blizzards in Quebec,” Bier said. “This is possible because we have a robust self-regulatory privacy regime with the DAA to safeguard innovations, maintain open channels for publishers to monetize their content with data, and provide transparency and choice for consumers about privacy.”

Bier believes they’re compelling reasons, and FIA will continue to showcase how data is vital to commercial use and why consumer privacy should be spoken about in a positive light.

Logan Malloy wrote this story for FIA. Email Logan with questions or concerns at