There is a Special Angel Watching Over the City of Angels During the Fires

Today, all of us are watching the difficult situation in Los Angeles and other cities in California as the most destructive and deadliest fires in state history seem to grow larger by the minute. Over 63 people have died, over 631 people are missing, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Firefighters, the Red Cross, and law enforcement are working as hard as they possibly can to save lives and protect property. It’s times like these when incredible stories begin to emerge of people doing unexpected life-saving work that defines public service and serves as wonderful examples of doing good to help others. In many ways, this is what keeps hope alive.

One such story involves the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA). It may surprise all of us that there is a special angel watching over the City of Angels during these fires, and her name is Angel Babcock. In March of 2012, Angel, her parents and two siblings passed away when her home was flattened by a tornado.  Angel was only 20 months old.

I speak about Angel in the present tense because FIA has carried on her memory every day since the day she went to Heaven on March 4, 2012. At the time of Angel’s passing, FIA was early on in developing its technology through a partnership as a secondary AMBER Alert distributor with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. On the day Angel’s story was reported, a FIA volunteer read it and mobilized a team at Conversant to adapt the AMBER Alert technology to serve tornado warnings. It was a remarkable display of passion for Angel. Everyone wanted to channel our sadness in a way that would allow Angel’s memory to live on and save others that might have a chance to reach safety. Maybe it would be different for future Angels. Maybe her legacy could help the City of Angels.

Six years later, Angel’s memory has never been more real to all of us at FIA — as her memory lives on in each alert we serve. It has been a critical force for good as FIA has emerged as the largest global alerting platform for a wide variety of emergency alerts like the 8,257,054 Fire Weather Warnings served to the public in California, including the City of Angels, during the month of November.

The Digital Signage Federation and its members are partnering with FIA to bring these life-saving messages to the digital out of home space where we feel digital networks will be able to amplify these vital messages to people on the go through this dynamic digital content.

Since Project Angel was launched, we have served over 2 billion weather warnings across the United States and Canada.

We could not be prouder of Angel and the spirit she has left behind for all of us to cherish.

— Paul Fleuranges: The Digital Signage Federation, Board of Directors, FIA Partner

FIA helps rock the vote with geo-targeted notifications

Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Child abduction warnings.

The Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA) is doing its part to save lives by delivering geo-targeted alerts to those in areas of danger.

But that’s not all. FIA is also helping to get voters to the polls.

In partnership with AppNexus and Democracy Works, FIA supports the delivery of location-based notifications to inform Americans when and where to cast a ballot for a wide range of elections. Caroline Smith, senior manager of corporate communications at AppNexus, is helping lead the charge.

“Democracy Works is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building tools to improve the voting experience for voters and election officials alike, to help every American vote in every local, state and national election,” Smith said.

Only 56% of voting-age Americans cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election, according to Pew Research. That’s starkly lower than voter turnout for the most recent national elections in many other nations. Belgium, for example, boasts the highest turnout rate at 87.2%, while Mexico (65.9%) and Canada (62.1%) also top the U.S. in voter turnout.

“Voting is a basic and realistic way to effect change in our community and country — every aspect of our daily lives ladders up in some way to decisions that are made by our elected representatives,” Smith said.

Democracy Works is upgrading the infrastructure for future elections and provides voters the information they need to register and vote easily.

“Democracy Works has a database of all the elections that are taking place across the country — from school boards on up,” Smith said. “Because AppNexus has done real-time alerting with FIA, we can pull info from Democracy Works’ database, and we’ll serve election reminders through the AppNexus PSA program that are targeted in real-time where elections are taking place.”

Democracy Works’ TurboVote Challenge is an initiative which aims to achieve 80 percent voter turnout throughout the U.S. For more information, please visit

Logan Malloy wrote this story for FIA. Contact him at