Building a United Industry to Protect the Public | Meeting with Media Leadership Council

Display advertising isn’t just about trying to drive sales for an advertiser; it’s about communicating a message.

Federation of Internet Alerts (FIA) relays display alerts for serious events such as child abductions, the imminent threat of tornadoes or tsunamis, and other hazards. FIA relies on our partnerships with organizations to help allocate display impressions for urgent messages in impacted areas.

On March 4th a representative from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Child’s (NCMEC) along with fellow FIA colleagues and I attended a Media Leadership Council (MLC) meeting in New York City to spread the word of FIA, and gain support from the industry. MLC is comprised of top media agencies whose primary responsibility is to review and assess major media and communication issues, and drive positive change throughout the display advertising industry—this was the perfect audience to introduce FIA’s initiatives.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. MLC members were in support of uniting our industry with FIA and the discussion was full of heartwarming questions and comments.

We urged MLC members to reach out to their Ad Network and Exchange contacts to attend our FIA forum at NCMEC headquarters to discuss FIA’s critical importance, our success, and how we can continue to unite as an industry to protect the public.

When the goal is to distribute life saving information, the decision is clear: Together we have started a movement. Help us unite further—reach out today and learn how you can help spread awareness and protect the public.

Contributed by Lauren Giuliani, Account Development Manager at Conversant Media



FIA Visits The White House


My friend and FIA colleague, Jason Bier called me a few months ago to discuss an invitation to the White House Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Demo Day – a think tank on how technology can help lessen the impact of severe weather. It took us all of a nanosecond to decide that we had to be there and let the stakeholders know how FIA’s technology can help get people out of harms way.

On that day, we found ourselves outside the White House in a line the length of which would rival any Disneyland ride. We shuffled through multiple security checkpoints, including identification authentication, x-rays, sniffer dogs and an undoubtedly very careful character analysis through a one-way mirror. Then we were in – armed with our neck tags and the room number of our first meeting. Except there was no such corresponding room, just hundred of yards of empty marble corridors and closed doors with brass plaques that read – “Personal Security for the President of the United States.” There was no way I was going to knock on one of those doors and ask for directions.

We eventually found our room and spent an interesting morning with academics, first responders, researcher and app developers, brainstorming how we can use technology to lessen the impact of severe storms. Attendees were asked to identify themselves. When it came to my turn there were more than a few puzzled glances, I imagine wondering how an advertising executive was going to contribute to the discussion. I explained that we use that same advertising technology to precisely geotarget people in the path of a severe storm, alerting them within microseconds of receiving a request so that they can get out of harms way. After that, there was an instant and considerable interest in the contribution FIA can make. It must have been well received, because we were invited to participate in follow up sessions.

In the afternoon, we attended talks by app developers and tech vendors mainly focused on how to help communities recover after a storm like Sandy. While FIA technology is centered on how to warn people of impending severe weather, attendees were very interested in what we are doing.

It was an incredibly valuable day. We made some great contacts and got a strong sense that this is the start of an ongoing conversation about how we can use our technology to help protect property and save lives.

Contributed by John Montgomery, COO of GroupM & Chairman of the 4A’s Media Leadership Council

The National Weather Service Partner Event

I had the pleasure of speaking at the National Weather Service Partner event held at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 5th, 2014. I represented AppNexus along with Jason Bier, Chief Privacy Officer of Conversant in an effort to increase awareness of FIA’s mission in helping send life-saving alerts in times of severe weather.

The conference brought together some of the industry’s brightest and most talented minds across weather technology and big data. Jason and I were second in the line-up to discuss FIA’s mission and how partners such as AppNexus have embraced the initiative.

To give context into how AppNexus fits in, AppNexus is the world’s largest independent advertising technology company. As the industry’s leading provider of digital advertising trading solutions, AppNexus allows companies to buy and sell Internet advertising efficiently, effectively, and programmatically. The AppNexus platform delivers close to 30 billion ads every single day, meaning it has the ability to reach every single person in the world, 3 times over! Now, imagine if this technology could be leveraged by FIA to send life-saving alerts in a targeted, timely, and impactful way to Internet users around the globe. This vision for a better Internet – fueled by better advertising – is exactly what AppNexus and FIA are partnering to achieve.

I’m very proud to work at AppNexus, a company that has taken a leadership position in an organization like FIA. I was honored to represent AppNexus as a partner of FIA and extremely excited to see technology being used in an innovative and impactful way.


Contributed by Anella Bokhari, Business Development, AppNexus, Inc.



Presentation at the NAI Summit

On May 20th, FIA had the opportunity to present to members of the Network Advertising Initiative, NAI. The NAI is a leading self-regulatory association comprised of third party network advertisers who are committed to promoting the health of electronic commerce and, most importantly, increasing consumer confidence in the online ecosystem. Representatives from Conversant and Specific Media, two of FIA’s Partners, spoke to the audience about the history and formation of FIA and the work that advertising technology companies are doing to save lives. The summit also included a conversation with FTC Commissioner, Julie Brill and a panel discussion with senior staff members from the Hill, moderated by Senator Byron L. Dorgan.


We had the honor of presenting FIA to the heads of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and their Office of Disability Coordination today. We shared our vision of how the emergency messages that FIA is already serving will grow to become accessible to those with special needs – specifically noting how it could work with screen readers for the blind community.

There were five other presenters who also shared their visions for accessible warnings, with ideas ranging from iconography to warning apps that featured user generated content. There was even a language-translating app created by middle school students.

We received a lot of positive feedback on our presentation, including some kind words from the event coordinator. We have more work to do in order to be functioning in an accessible manner, but there are an ever-growing number of people who are very excited about what we are doing and want to help.

Overall it was a very inspiring and thought-provoking event.


We have great news to announce at FIA – we’ve joined as a member of Oasis.

Oasis is “a non-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.” ( FIA will be assisting Oasis with regulations and guidelines for alerting authorities. We’re excited to be a member and will keep you updated on the good that comes.

FIA Forum + Photo Gallery

On April 7, 2014, Federation for Internet Alerts held our first forum. The event took place at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children HQ in Alexandria, VA. We are thrilled about the partnerships and ideas that came from this meeting and very much looking forward to what the future holds.